Successful startups

As a new business owner, you have big plans: seize new opportunities, cooperate, relaunch, expand. You want to grow. Reach the top. In practice, it’s not always easy to get a business off the ground successfully. This makes proper preparation invaluable. Which legal form do you choose? How do you get startup capital? Which licenses do you need to apply for? Your notary helps you find what you legally need to do to turn your new business into a successful startup.

Your business. Your opportunities. Your notary.

At your notary, your personal story is key. Your notary listens, asks questions, clarifies, and gives you honest advice about the best legal form to make your startup successful. Whether you choose a one-man business, a co-op, a partnership or a limited company, we will take into account liability risks and fiscal advantages you can benefit from during the start-up phase of your company.

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Do you need help with your start up?

Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.