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Living together with a cohabitation contract

Moving in together is fun and exciting. It’s a new step in your life ‘together’. But living together doesn’t always mean you are legally seen as partners. If you live together unmarried, there is no legal provision. But there are plenty of situations where it’s important to put your wishes on paper. For instance if you have a baby, if one of you passes away, or if your relationship ends. A cohabitation contract provides the solution.

Your life. Your marriage. Your notary.

Living together without any agreements in writing is a thing of the past. At your notary, your personal story is key. Your notary listens, asks questions, clarifies, and gives you honest advice about the best options for a cohabitation contract in your situation. After our talk, the contract is sent to your home, so you can read it again in your own time. Want to make adjustments? Not a problem. If the conditions are agreed on, you both sign the cohabitation contract with the notary at our office.

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Do you need help with a cohabitation contract?

Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.