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Notariskantoor Broekmans is there for you. For private individuals and entrepreneurs. For young and old. At important moments in your life it is nice that you can rely on a solid foundation. Because whatever you choose, your notary understands that agreements must be properly recorded. We think it is important that you know exactly what you are signing for. That is why we explain everything in “normal human language”.

Notariskantoor Broekmans has a young, expert team. We are proud of it. We would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Mr. Pim Broekmans
Pim Broekmans has been working in the notary office since 1998. He graduated in notary law and fiscal law. As a notary he is knowledge-able and operational in all notary areas, as well as being certified estate planner. When he became a notary, Pim Broekmans was the youngest notary in all of Netherlands, something to be proud of! Pride is also what he feels about the beautiful city of Eindhoven, a city in which he enjoys going to work every day.

Mr. Marjan Bijnen
After graduating (Cum Laude!) in Notary Law at Utrecht University, Marjan joined our firm and team in 2006. Marjan is a qualified notary and sees it as her biggest challenge to explain the sometimes complex notary language into a language everyone can understand. And if she doesn’t succeed? She will be glad to draw it out in a diagram to clarify her statements.

Mr. Susan van de Ven
Susan van de Ven is a candidate civil-law notary with many years of experience, particularly in the field of family law. In the absence of the notary, she can sign (“pass”) the deeds on his behalf. Susan works closely with Marjan and Hanne.

Mr. Martine Duijkers
Since 2020, Martine has been working as a candidate notary at notariskantoor Broekmans. Her focus is mainly on persons- and family law. Martine lives in Den Bosch and follows the professional training in notarial law. Did you know that Martine often goes through life ‘whistling’? In her spare time she plays the bassoon in an orchestra.

Mr. Aart van den Hoek
Aart studied Notarial Law at Leiden University. He has been working as candidate notary at Notariskantoor Broekmans since 2014. Aart is a practical go-getter and likes to get his ‘hands into the mud’. He excels in corporate law and currently enrols in the vocational education of notarial practice. No wonder he’s a coffee addict!

Mr. Eline Bourgonje
Eline once started as an intern at our office. She liked it so much that she decided to become a candidate notary. She has worked hard for that; she has in fact completed a study in tax law and notarial law. Within our firm, Eline focuses mainly on the law of persons and family law, as well as on corporate law. Outside of the office she likes to dance. She also loves good food.

Cindy Michelbrink
As of 2001, Cindy is employed at Notariskantoor Broekmans. Cindy is a notary clerk and feels totally at home in the real estate field. Cindy balances work with the care of her two children. Never hesitate to wake her up for a chunk of white chocolate! No wonder the office mainly has pure and milk chocolate sweets to offer…

Hanne Cremers-van der Heijden
Hanne is a true ‘business card’ to our firm. As of 2007, she is our paralegal and she processes our cases in personal and family law. Hanne loves her family; she is happily married and proud mom of four kids.

Vivienne van Schaik
Before Vivienne joined our team in 2010, she studied to be a paralegal. Highly concentrated, Vivienne works at our registered property department. Besides that, she is a specialist in allocating properties resulting from a divorce. With this experience, maybe Vivienne unpicked the true secret of a happy marriage?

Dionne Timmermans-Swaanen
Dionne has been working at our office as a notary public since April 2021. It was immediately clear to us that this lady knows how to get things done. With dedication and a customer-oriented attitude, she works in the real estate section. Dionne will always look after your interests; her motto is: ‘The client always comes from the right’.

Francoise Biemans
Francoise is responsible for our appraisals on registered property. You can tell immediately that she loves her job. Francoise ‘mans’ our phone system and handles also all emails that are send to She tries her very best to answer all your questions. Quick and complete!

Jenny Boers
Jenny is Pim Broekmans’ secretary. She is his first point of contact, live or over the phone. Jenny also supports the other colleagues where necessary. After years away from the notarial profession, she has really found her way at Notariskantoor Broekmans.

Geraldine Theuwis
Geraldine is our business card; the first person you see when you enter our office. This topper wants everyone to feel welcome. She staffs our reception desk full time and literally ‘belongs’ to the interior. When we moved into our building at the end of 2020, Geraldine was already working at this location and… she just stayed put! In daily life, she is a proud mom of girl twins. Her hobbies are traveling, tennis, running and skiing.

Paula van de Waarsenburg
When you visit Notariskantoor Broekmans, chances are that you will meet Paula. She is the first point of contact for our clients, at the counter and on the phone – that’s why she wears that headset! Paula is our administrative problem solver. She likes hiking outdoors and loves to read in her spare time.

Lieke Dijks-van Hest
As of 2004, Lieke is employed at Notariskantoor Broekmans. Lieke is responsible for expels, inventory management and legalizations. Furthermore, she takes care of a friendly welcome for our clients. With a nice cup of coffee, a warm cup of tea and with a friendly smile.

Anja Bartels
Anja is our housekeeper. She works both during and after office hours and always keeps the office tidy. Anja is the cheerful note in our office and sometimes causes a stir …

Sjors de Teckel
Quirky office dog who comes from Texel. Since 2021 attached to our office. He likes a powernap from time to time and works by appointment only. Follow Sjors on Instagram: @sjorsdeteckel2021


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