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Building contract creates clarity

Buying a completely new home is exciting and very intensive. In order to be sure a number of things are arranged properly, it’s best to record your agreements with the contractor in a purchase and building contract. This building contract is often drafted by an appointed project notary attached to the construction project.

Building contract by your notary

Your notary has the necessary experience as a project notary. In the purchase and building contract, we record the rights and obligations of the buyer as well as the contractor. Think for instance of the moment of conveyance of the land and the house. Or the size of the deposit and the payment method. In a building contract, you can have cancellation clauses recorded, in case you fail to get financing for the house. Comforting thought, wouldn’t you agree?

Your life. Your new home. Your notary.

At your notary, your personal story is key. Your notary listens, asks questions and clarifies. As a project notary, we create an honest, independent building contract that is good for both the buyer and the contractor.

Would you also like to make an appointment with your notary to draft a building contract? Or do you prefer to request a quote immediately? Call Broekmans Notary Office on (0031) 40 213 63 60, or fill in the contact form.

We choose a building contract by your notary

  • All agreements between us and the notary are in black and white
  • Your notary gives us advice about which cancellation clauses we can record
  • The notary is neutral and acts in the interest of the both of us


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