Restructuring your business

Entrepreneurs often start their company as a one-man business or firm. After a while, however, it could be to your advantage to alter the structure of the organisation, and sometimes the legal form with it. The goal of restructuring is to research and improve the legal structure of your company. Your notary is happy to advise you on the optimal company structure for your business.

Restructuring with your notary

Are you looking to turn your one-man business into a limited company? Or are you thinking about transferring company assets to another subsidiary? Are you looking to merge? Your vision for the future is our starting point. Close cooperation with other advisers, such as accountants and a fiscal and legal advisor is often indispensable. If desired, your notary will work with these experts to come to custom advice about the most suitable restructuring.

Your life. Your business. Your notary. 

At your notary, your personal story is key. Your notary listens, asks questions, clarifies, and gives you honest advice about the best new company structure for your business.

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Do you need help with restructuring your business?

Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.