Gifts: it’s better to give than to receive

You can already make something of your estate. For instance by gifting a part of your capital, or a valuable family heirloom. Your notary understands that you want to make a gesture to someone precious to you. And that you can get tax benefits from it too.

Gift, donation or benefaction. Your notary helps

There are all kinds of reasons for gifts, donations or benefactions. Maybe you want to save on taxes, or you’re very grateful to someone. Maybe you think highly of a charity or you want to make sure a family heirloom really stays in the family. Of course you want your donation to be as favourable in terms of taxes as possible.

You notary is happy to look at the options with you.

Your life. Your donation. Your notary.

There are several ways of making donations. The most obvious one is to transfer money. But of course you can always make a ‘donation on paper’. This gives you a donation exemption, and the inheritance tax after you pass away will be less. You can also donate possessions. Think of stock, antiques, art, shares in your own company, or even a house. Your notary listens, asks questions, and gives honest advice about the best way to donate in your situation.

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Do you need help with your donation?

Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.