Deed of conveyance

Deed of conveyance for official transfer of ownership

The negotiations are done. The purchase contract has been signed. You’re already hard at work arranging the move and thinking about decorating. But your dream house isn’t really yours yet. Only when the deed of conveyance has been signed and everything is recorded in the land register will you really be the owner. Your notary is happy to help with the official transfer of ownership of your new home.

Your life. Your home. Your notary.

Your notary listens, asks questions, researches and gives advice. Before we draw up the deed of conveyance, we see if the seller is really the owner of the house. We also check whether you and the seller meet all the agreements you made in the provisional purchase deed. We see to it that the seller of the house, as agreed, delivers without mortgage and that you deposit the purchase price with us on time. Once everything is in order, you, the seller and the notary will sign the deed of conveyance at our office.

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Do you need help with your

Deed of conveyance?

Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.