Custody is arranged in a will

As a parent, you’d rather not think about what would happen when you and your partner pass away. Your notary can help you secure the care of your child(ren). In a will with custody provision, you decide who raises and takes care of your child(ren) when you’re gone.

Will with custody provision by your notary

Custody is not a subject you think about every day. But if your children are suddenly on their own, it’s a comforting thought that they have someone to go to. To someone you trust with the care of your child(ren) and their share of the inheritance. In your will, you record who you want to get custody of your child(ren) if you and your partner both pass away. Only when executing your will does the guardian say if he or she can and is willing to take care of your child(ren). It could be that the guardian you wanted is unable or unwilling to care for your child(ren), for instance because of disease. That is why it’s a good idea to record a ‘back-up guardian’ in your will.

Your life. Your children. Your notary.

At your notary, your personal story is key. Your notary listens, asks questions, clarifies, and gives you honest advice about the best options for your will with custody provision. When the will with custody provision is agreed on, you sign it together with the notary, at our office.

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Your life. Your happiness. Your notary.