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Living abroad in the Netherlands

Building a (new) life abroad is very exciting: working, buying a house, marrying and having kids in a country you don’t know and where you don’t speak the language (yet). At these important moments in your life, it’s good to have something solid to rely on. Especially when you’re not familiar with the laws and regulations of ‘your new home’ yet.

Buying a house, or buying a home

When you go work abroad, people used to only leave for a few months, maybe half a year. But now, many expats want to build a life in the Netherlands. At first you might live in a rented house. Maybe you found it yourself, maybe your employer helped. Are you looking to settle here? Then buying a house and making a true home here is a very attractive option. Thanks to low mortgage interest rates, the monthly expenses of a rental home are often higher than when you buy.

Your life. Your dreams. Your notary.

Your notary is an official partner of the Holland Expat Center. We are happy to give you advice in Dutch or English, or with the help of an interpreter, any other language. If you wish, we can have documents translated, so you can have a complete and clear picture of which agreements you’re making and what you’re signing. So you can enjoy a secure future in the Netherlands.

Would you also like to make an appointment with your notary for advice on buying a house in the Netherlands? Or do you prefer to request a quote immediately? Call Broekmans Notary Office on (0031) 40 213 63 60, or fill in the contact form.

As expats, your notary has really helped us

  • The notary will explain everything in English, so we really understand what the official documents say, and what it is exactly that we’re signing
  • They think along with you. The rules in the Netherlands are different, which is why we need a cohabitation contract
  • The notary works with our real estate agent, so we know everything is taken care of


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